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And the next book? Easy, big fella. Pauca sed matura. I do not churn out caramelized dung to stay afloat. I will leave that to the pseudo-writers parading in the grotesque TV gallery, or to cerebrally impaired people—simply rummage through the pile of stolidi Cathedratici and the troop of protégés, with their preposterous laws of “research productivity” and “citation impact”. See you in a few years, with a nice surprise. Si tù voi un’opera sì grande, nell’imparagone coll’altre, fatti amico ’l Tempo, quello lungo, ou seja if you want a grandiose work, which will be unparalleled to anything else, make friends with Time, the very long term one—and forget the dippy & flagitious academic dictum “publish or perish”.
Opera in fieri with scientific
clinamina and many other topics (of an encyclopaedic significance). I do not feel like saying more. After many years, I will return to writing in my native language.

An ambitious project? Nah... As Antonio Griffo Focas Flavio Angelo Ducas Comneno Porfirogenito Gagliardi De Curtis di Bisanzio said: «C’è chi può e chi non può: io può».